White Shadows



After everything that has happened to them, fairy sisters Elunore and Amber decide to part ways. But, as it would turn out, fate has a different plan in mind for the two of them.

Elunore, the goody-two-shoes Eco Warrior decides to attack the biggest polluter in the country, and she is shocked to find out that her sister is on their paylist. Amber seems to have metaphorically traded her fairy wings for cold, hard cash, and Elunore simply cannot understand how it came to this point.

But as always, truth is stranger than fiction, and Elunore will find out that not everything is black and white, and her sister is not as bad as it would appear initially. There is much more than meets the eye. Mysteries need to be uncovered and secret identities need to be revealed. But, the two sisters need each other’s help in order to do this.

Will they manage to forgive and forget what’s in the past, and look forward to a future where they will be real sisters again? Read this story and find out.