The Fairy Princess is a group of many stories

Fey Story


“Have you ever asked yourself what if the Arthurian legend was rewritten

Break The Walls
“In every story, there is a bad guy. The one born to be despised and shunned, the antithesis to the protagonist. We wonder so little about who they are, and yet, they deserve so much more of our attention. In the Arthurian saga, Morgan le Fay is one of those characters who are there behind almost every scene, often unseen and unheard of, but they are there nonetheless. She plots against Arthur and Guinevere, she tries to kill Merlin, she is obsessed with obtaining the throne of Britain.

What is her motivation? What is hidden deep down inside of her heart? Is she truly this one-dimensional wicked character who plots and sacrifices the innocent without remorse, or is there more to her?

If you’ve grown tired of reading about the good guys and how they always save the world, then this is the right book for you. For, the bad guys are human, too. They need our understanding, our compassion, our sympathy. If nothing else, they deserve to have their stories heard. This one belongs to Morgan le Fay. “

Late Shift

What happens when the Fey determine a persons afterlife?

Happy Endings

Looking at Henry, you probably wouldn’t consider him the type to settle down with one woman, or faerie in this case. However, after being with Maize, the Light faerie of his dreams, for nearly two years, he is ready to make a life-long vow. But, when a Dark faerie, Wood faerie, and faerie harem complicate their lives, will their love survive?

White Shadows

After everything that has happened to them, fairy sisters Elunore and Amber decide to part ways. But, as it would turn out, fate has a different plan in mind for the two of them.

Elunore, the goody-two-shoes Eco Warrior decides to attack the biggest polluter in the country, and she is shocked to find out that her sister is on their paylist. Amber seems to have metaphorically traded her fairy wings for cold, hard cash, and Elunore simply cannot understand how it came to this point.

But as always, truth is stranger than fiction, and Elunore will find out that not everything is black and white, and her sister is not as bad as it would appear initially. There is much more than meets the eye. Mysteries need to be uncovered and secret identities need to be revealed. But, the two sisters need each other’s help in order to do this.

Will they manage to forgive and forget what’s in the past, and look forward to a future where they will be real sisters again? Read this story and find out.

Lipgloss & Black

Lance Dawson is your typical good guy. He pays his taxes. He always tips the waiters. He does his fire fighting job well. He doesn’t have a care in the world. But then, his life drastically changes one night. During a car accident, he makes the wrong choice and it ends up costing someone their life. How can someone, with a clear idea of right and wrong, continue living afterwards? Lance decides to take it one day at a time, as nothing really seems to be helping.

One evening, as he’s driving through Philadelphia, he stumbles across a woman who will change his life forever. Involved with a drug gang, she needs him to be her savior, and Lance is all too eager to play the part. But, when they meet some time later, everything is changed, and they fall madly in love. However, not all is perfect, as she is in possession of a secret that could tear them apart forever.

As Lance is trying to figure her out, and solve his own problems in the meantime, it seems that her dark past is always breathing down their necks. Will they be able to escape it, and will they teach each other, through the redeeming power of love, how to forgive?