The world is facing an Pandemic, and Agent Joyce Preston is just like any
other member of society, who’s trying to keep herself and others safe in
quarantine. But, when duty calls, she is ready to answer.

Hackers are attacking the US power grid, and once again, it is up to her to
stop the threat. But, she’s unsure. What does she know about hacking? Hands
on missions where she can do all the sleuthing outside are her best trait.
Hacking – not so much. But, she knows that she needs to put a stop to these
guys who think it’s ok to take advantage of this situation.

Armed with just a laptop, her newfound knowledge and a small group of
hackers to jump to her aid, she will do her best to stop this threat. And
as always, the past rarely stays asleep.

Will she be able to answer the call and save the US power grid? What will
she do when the phantoms of her past come knocking on the door once

Read the newest adventure of Agent Joyce Preston and find out!