Joyce Preston had survived tragedies that would destroy the psyche of many people. She witnessed the assassination of a family friend, and then, under protective custody, she was almost killed by the same agent whose job it was to protect her. Now, she has learned to fend for herself, and trust no one, because the last time she trusted someone, it almost cost her too dearly.

When her boss sends her on a spy mission to Barbados to bust a drug shipment, she is joined by a partner, Phoenix Kay, who has a reputation of a playboy among the female spies in the organization. Together, they need to find out the location of the drug shipments.

What they stumble upon, will shock them. Why are there zombies working the fields? And who can be trusted? Is her new partner worthy of her trust or will he betray her just like everyone else? Can Joyce ever escape her past and the Russian mafia? Read this exciting spy story and find out for yourself.