Jada Copperhorn is an extraordinary woman, by any account. Mostly, because she is not a woman at all. She is a fairy – the last remnant of an ancient and once very powerful Phoenix Fairy Order. As a result, Jada is in possession of a secret that was bestowed upon her by her order, a secret worth killing for.

When life throws more danger her way, and her once adored but now scorned ex lover, Raelos, keeps tailing her wherever she goes, she finds herself in need of protection, so she accepts the invitation of the Graiphate Fairy Order, which was once at war with her own. She starts questioning everything: her secret, her choices, her heart, her own way of life.

Will Jada manage to keep her secret intact? More importantly, will she remain alive in the process? And will her heart be able to forgive the betrayal that left her heartbroken and unable to trust anyone ever since?