What happens when a large group of people tends to agree with whatever the majority says, simply to conform? And, is conforming always a good thing? As it would turn out, not really. What happens in these circumstances is a psychological phenomenon named groupthink. It can appear in any kind of a group or community, and this book focuses on groupthink in organized religion.

When it comes to groupthink in such surroundings, it mostly has a negative connotation. In other words, groupthink has been the cause of some of the most horrific crimes organized religion has conducted to this day. This book offers numerous examples, starting as far back as the Salem Witch Trials and the suppression of knowledge in the cases of Nicolaus Copernicus, Galieo Galilei and Giordano Bruno, and ending with the cult killings of Jim Jones, Adolfo Constanzo and David Koresh.

So, what are the causes of groupthink in organized religion? How does it appear? And why? Most importantly, how can we avoid it, if we see it appear? You can find the answers to all these questions and so much more right here.