Scarlet is a fairy, but that doesn’t mean that Scarlet has had a fairy tale life. Not that she didn’t want it. She did want her very own happily-ever-after, but it turned out that her no good, treacherous vampire boyfriend left her to bleed out, after she was bitten by one of his clansmen, and disappeared without a trace. Now, after she had managed to survive and learn to live with necromancy, her newfound gift, Dommik is back, and he needs her help.

Scarlet is torn. It’s obvious that he is in grave danger, but she doesn’t know what to do. He hurt her badly, and she isn’t sure if she can ever forgive him. However, seeing what a close brush with death he has had, she decides to help him.

Now, the question remains: are the two of them strong enough to defeat one of the most powerful demons in the history of the world? And, will they be able to overcome the pain and suffering they had caused each other?