Harrison Peters is a man who can’t stop lying. First, those are innocent lies, the kind he wanted to impress friends and girls in college with. Then, the lies grew. Little by little, Harrison got caught up in a tangled web of lies, bringing in more and more people, whom he treated like puppets in his own private theatre.

What happens when lies get out of hand? What happens when one gets in too deep, and sees no way out? Harrison’s lies take him all the way to the top of the United States government, where he struggles to keep afloat.

Money. Lies. Deceit. Intrigue. Harrison’s done it all. Now, after he’s had his fill, he doesn’t want to play the game any longer. Only, he’ll learn the hard way that the United States government doesn’t take kindly to people pretend to be someone they’re not, especially someone working for them.

Harrison’s life is a slow decent into the maelstrom of his own insecurities, leading him to the very bottom. What he find there is exactly what he’s been trying to run away from all his life.