Samantha needs to convince her employers she’s the woman for a man’s job. She needs to be alert and at her best to prove herself in a new workplace, which would be easier if she was not the nightly prey of such an insatiable sexual appetite. Her husband is a sex addict. They have an understanding; it involves submissiveness and a safe word. It is a safe word she might just need to use if she is to stay awake and oversee one of the biggest construction sites in Oregon’s history. But then, if she gives in and leaves her guy wanting, he might just go wandering, which is the precariousness of being wed to such a rampant boiling pot of lust and desire. Can she keep it together until the end of the week and the project is well underway? It might be possible with a bit more sleep, despite the workforce whispering doubts and misgivings behind her back. Despite the stares and the jokes about her figure when her back is turned and they think she can’t hear. Samantha has been under such pressure before, but why does that new associate director keep looking at her strangely? He seems so affable he might just prove an ally, but there are so many pitfalls for a woman in a man’s world and its always so hard to judge where the next challenge is coming from.