On January 15, 2009 the world watched a jetliner make a landing on the Hudson River. Paul Kale watched a fat, drunken man on a water taxi attempt to assault a woman. He intervened and made the poor fellow drink some Hudson River. Kale passed along his information to the woman after the man fell overboard. He was lucky enough to spend some time with June Leston following that incident and wished he had more time to give her.

Petty Officer Kale was a member of the NJ Naval Militia-Joint Command and had been petitioning for months to be placed on active duty with Federal troops which hadn’t been done in over one hundred years. He felt compelled to serve his country and had done everything he could to get deployed. Shortly after he was given the go ahead he met June and had no choice but to continue their relationship with only letters.

Ten months into his deployment Kale was reminiscing about a letter from June when he ran afoul of an attempted terrorist attack on his installation. After heeding June’s written advice he ends up in a shootout with hostile forces, but with assistance from both Airman and Marines he is able to neutralize the hostile forces.

Kale invites June to his unit’s annual banquet up on his return, but before she arrives she notices a truck with decals similar to the one that attacked Kale overseas. She manages to use her guile to overpower the truck and the driver. After reporting the truck to Homeland Security she continues to the banquet.

Kale takes a stroll through the unit banquet and finally runs into June. She was the picture of beauty even after thwarting a terrorist attack. After nearly a year apart they very quickly fall into each other’s arms and lives.