As children, we know exactly who monsters are. They hide in the dark corners of our room, waiting for the lights to die out. They are scary, shapeless, nameless and frightening. But, what happens when we encounter monsters in real life? And worst of all, what if we cannot tell them apart from everyone else… What then?

This is the story of Matamoros Murders, where monsters in human shape exacted their will upon the lives of other innocent people who just had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not only were they murdered, but tortured and even had their bodies desecrated after death, all for the purposes of procuring protection of certain drug rings.

How do we treat the perpetrators? What kind of a punishment do they deserve? How do we even look them in the eye? Perhaps this book will shed some light on these questions and a few others as you delve into the mind of a deluded cult-crazed maniac, nicknamed El Padrino and his right hand woman La Madrina, as they feed their dark passions with human sacrifices.