Comfort Me with Lies



“Logan Cane has it all: good looks, money, power. And yet, what he wants is much more humble and unpretentious than that: the simple life. Too bad for him, as this seems to be something he might never have. Trouble awaits him at every corner, and no matter how much he tries to avoid it, it always finds him.

After he saves a girl from a burning house, he will realize that she slipped him something: a key. But to what, he has no idea, and naturally, he will try to find out. As he does so, he will get entangled in a murder mystery where every suspect has both a motive and an opportunity. His gut will lead him down a dangerous path, but will he choose the right person to believe or will he eventually find out that he’s in too deep? And will he be able to escape with his bare life? “