“In every story, there is a bad guy. The one born to be despised and shunned, the antithesis to the protagonist. We wonder so little about who they are, and yet, they deserve so much more of our attention. In the Arthurian saga, Morgan le Fay is one of those characters who are there behind almost every scene, often unseen and unheard of, but they are there nonetheless. She plots against Arthur and Guinevere, she tries to kill Merlin, she is obsessed with obtaining the throne of Britain.

What is her motivation? What is hidden deep down inside of her heart? Is she truly this one-dimensional wicked character who plots and sacrifices the innocent without remorse, or is there more to her?

If you’ve grown tired of reading about the good guys and how they always save the world, then this is the right book for you. For, the bad guys are human, too. They need our understanding, our compassion, our sympathy. If nothing else, they deserve to have their stories heard. This one belongs to Morgan le Fay. “